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July 10, 2017

ams Wins Innovation Gold Award at Sensors Expo

2017 Sensor Expo judges honor ams for new Accessory Communications Interface, which lets sensor rich smart active noise-canceling headsets run battery free.

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January 02, 2017

ACAM is Now Part of AMS - Legal Name Changes are in Process

Cling VOC wristband from HiCling benefits from CCS801 and CCS803 sensors' small size, high accuracy and very low power consumption

In December 2014, ams AG (SIX:AMS) acquired acam messelectronic GmbH, a leader in highly accurate time-based measurement and related sensor solutions. acam messelectronic GmbH has been busy integrating its product lines, engineering units and sales teams into the ams brand.

The new name of acam messelectronic GmbH is now ams Sensors Germany GmbH. ams Sensors Germany GmbH maintains the same VAT registration number as acam messelectronic GmbH, as well as the bankaccounts. All contractual relations remain in force and unaffected by the change of name.

A new name, the same great products
Products, information and resources currently branded as acam, will be re-branded by end of 2016 to the ams brand. The same range of acam products that you previously sourced from acam are now available from ams. Part numbers will stay the same and not be changed. Along with our new identity, the acam web domain will be rebranded with the ams logo by end of 2016 and later in 2017 the content of the acam web site will merge completely with the to be relaunched ams domain www.ams.com, where you can find out more about the ams brand, products, sales contacts and locations. Your contacts do already have email addresses ending with @ams.com. Over the coming next months, all our datasheets, brochures, presentations and other materials will be converted to the ams brand.

August 16, 2016

Innovative Gas Sensors From AMS Enable New Cling VOC Fitness Wristband to Measure Indoor Air Quality and Alcohol in Breath

Cling VOC wristband from HiCling benefits from CCS801 and CCS803 sensors' small size, high accuracy and very low power consumption

Cambridge, UK + Premstaetten, Austria (16 August, 2016) -- Cambridge CMOS Sensors Ltd, a member of the ams group, today announced that Chinese wearable device manufacturer HiCling is using its ultra-low power gas sensors to enable the new Cling VOC smart fitness wristband to measure indoor air quality and alcohol in breath.

The CCS801 gas sensor integrated in the Cling VOC wristband can detect low levels of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) typically found indoors. In the Cling VOC wristband, these VOC measurements are used to provide an indication of air quality on the band's display. The wristband can also provide alcohol breath analysis on demand, as the integrated CCS803 gas sensor with algorithms is sensitive to ethanol on human breath. The small footprint and low profile of the CCS8xx family of gas sensors mean that they can easily be accommodated in the slim and sleek enclosure of the Cling VOC, which is intended to appeal to fashion-conscious consumers.

The CCS8xx sensors use a unique CMOS-based micro-hotplate platform, which enables the device miniaturisation, ultra-low power consumption and fast response times that are critical for wearable devices. Software libraries containing proprietary algorithms and example applications for the Android™ operating environment ensure that the CCS8xx sensors can easily be integrated into a wide range of portable consumer applications.

"We are delighted that our sensors have been included in the innovative Cling VOC smart fitness wristband," said Paul Wilson, Senior Product Marketing Manager for environmental sensors at ams. "CO2 levels, offensive odours, smoke and other VOCs can have a strong impact on people's comfort, productivity, quality of life and wellbeing, so it is vital we are able to measure these VOCs." "The market demand for wearables is growing strongly with the introduction of attractive products such as the Cling VOC, and we are pleased to be partnering with HiCling and enabling it to differentiate its product in a crowded market place," he said.

"ams group company CCS has developed the worlds smallest and lowest-power MOX gas sensors on the market", said Richard Chen, CEO of Hicling. "That's why we are delighted to partner with CCS to provide users with compelling new features in our latest smart fitness wristband. Most people spend most of their time indoors, so it is important that they are able to monitor air quality easily and to take appropriate action - something that wearers of the Cling VOC wristband can now do."

The CCS801 and CCS803 gas sensors are available in production volumes now. Find more information online at http://www.ccmoss.com/gas-sensors.

The Cling VOC Smart Fitness Wristband will be available to buy online from Amazon, Tmall and JD. For more info on HiCling products visit http://www.hicling.com/.

About Cambridge CMOS Sensors

Founded in 2008, Cambridge CMOS Sensors (CCS) is an industry leader in gas sensor solutions for consumer applications. CCS products are uniquely based on a CMOS silicon platform with added intelligence for easy integration into a range of end products for air quality monitoring and breath analysis.

CCS is a member of the ams.group. ams sensor solutions take sensing to the next level by providing a seamless interface between humans and technology and enable our customers to create highly differentiated products that are smarter, safer, easier to use and more eco-friendly. ams develops high-performance solutions for the most challenging applications in sensors, sensor interfaces, power management and wireless.

Key features of CCS products include ultra-low power consumption, fast response time, embedded intelligence and ultra-small form factor. These features have enabled the CCS products to be integrated into smartphones, wearables and smart home devices. Additionally, the gas sensor solutions are scalable and cost efficient through the use of standard high volume semiconductor manufacturing processes.

More information on Cambridge CMOS sensors Ltd, a member of the ams group can be found at http://www.ccmoss.com/.

July 26, 2016

AMS Acquires Color and Spectral Sensing Specialist MAZeT to Extend its Leadership in Advanced Optical Sensing

Strategic transaction will drive color and spectral sensing growth opportunities in industrial, automotive and medical applications

AMS, a leading provider of high performance sensors and analog ICs, has closed the transaction to acquire 100% of the shares in the color and spectral sensing systems specialist MAZeT GmbH for an undisclosed amount in cash. The strategic acquisition extends ams' market leadership in advanced optical sensors and strengthens ams' position in emerging optical sensing applications.

Focused on industrial and medical applications, MAZeT offers very strong system and application know-how in advanced color and spectral sensing and outstanding optical engineering expertise. MAZeT's capabilities include IC and filter design as well as hardware and software system development with its JENCOLOR™ sensors being used currently in applications including airplane interior lighting, agricultural sensors, and medical skin lesion analysis.

The company also has a legacy business acting as module supplier to its previous industrial shareholders. MAZeT is profitable and based in Jena, Germany, with around 80 employees. The Jena region is a global center of excellence in optical technologies, which offers a strong basis to support ams' growth plans going forward.

Dr. Fred Grunert, CEO of MAZeT GmbH, comments on the transaction: "MAZeT has been a pioneer in optical color and spectral sensor development and we are very pleased to join ams. Combining complementary products and the sensor expertise of both companies will create an even stronger leadership position with a leading portfolio of optical sensors targeting the automotive, industrial, medical and smart lighting end markets."

"We are very excited to welcome the MAZeT team to ams. Adding MAZeT's excellent optical know-how allows us to create new product and application opportunities in areas such as sensing and controlling lighting, measuring physical parameters or matching colors on a display to the real world. ams' operational and manufacturing capabilities and global sales reach will offer additional synergies increasing the strategic potential of this transaction", adds Thomas Riener, EVP & General Manager Emerging Sensor Solutions at ams.

July 19, 2016

Next Generation AMS Light Sensors to Shrink Smart Phone Apertures up to 50%

TMD2620 proximity sensor and TMD2725 ALS modules reduce LED emitter-to-sensor gap to just 1.0mm while eliminating the effect of optical cross talk

AMS AG (SIX: AMS), a leading provider of high performance sensors and analog ICs, today introduced new proximity sensing and proximity/ambient light sensing modules which enable android smartphone manufacturers to reduce the sensor aperture in the display's cover glass to its smallest diameter.

Use of the TMD2620 proximity sensor or the TMD2725, a combined proximity and ambient light sensor, enables phone manufacturers to reduce the aperture's size by as much as 50%, improving aesthetic appeal, especially in devices with a white or light-colored bezel. The TMD2620 and TMD2725 enable aperture size as small as 1.4 and 2.0mm respectively.

The TMD2620 and TMD2725 feature a breakthrough in optical module packaging which allows the emitter - an infra-red (IR) LED - and photodiode to be placed just 1.0mm apart. Lenses on top of the emitter and sensor along with an optical barrier between them help to minimize crosstalk, caused by reflections from the surfaces of the cover glass. Offset adjustment registers eliminate the effect of any residual crosstalk from the module's proximity calculations. Automatic ambient light subtraction further enhances the accuracy of the device's proximity measurements. The ability to measure up to a range of 100mm is comparable to laser-based solutions.

"Until now, inability to overcome the effects of optical crosstalk have prevented android phone manufacturers from reducing proximity sensing apertures below 3.0mm", said Herbert Truppe, Senior Marketing Manager at ams. "Now the TMD2620 and TMD2725 overcome those challenges and enable a smaller aperture than has previously been possible."

The TMD2620 and TMD2725 are in volume production now. Unit pricing in order quantities of 1,000 is $0.36 for the TMD2620, and $0.43 for the TMD2725.

Contact PMT Technology Center at 727-532-6144 for additional information.

June 16, 2016

AMS Acquires CCMOSS to Become World Leader in Gas and Infrared Sensing

Completing ams' sensor portfolio, transaction creates technology leader in CMOS-based gas sensing and infrared sensing for automotive, industrial, medial and consumer applications.

Premstaetten, Austria (16 June 2016) - ams (SIX: AMS), a leading worldwide manufacturer of high performance sensor and analog solutions, has signed an agreement to acquire 100% of the shares in Cambridge CMOS Sensors Ltd (CCMOSS), the technology leader in micro hotplate structures for gas sensing and infrared applications, in an all-cash transaction.

CCMOSS' micro hotplates are MEMS structures that are used in gas sensors for volume applications in the automotive, industrial, medical, and consumer markets. The company's deep expertise in this area is highly synergetic with ams' technology leadership in MOX gas sensing materials to detect gases like CO, NOx, and VOCs. CCMOSS' manufactures these MEMS structures on CMOS wafers allowing the creation of complete monolithically integrated CMOS sensor ICs. This makes CCMOSS' solutions highly cost-efficient, besides offering other significant advantages over competing technologies like low power consumption, small footprint and the ability to integrate additional sensor modalities like relative humidity, temperature, and pressure.

In addition, CCMOSS commands an industry-leading portfolio of IR technology comprising high performance IR radiation sources and detectors for sensor applications. Highly complementary to ams' spectral sensing strategy for next generation optical sensor technologies, CCMOSS' IR sensing is based on the same monolithic CMOS structures as for gas sensing, enabling miniaturized implementations and efficient integration with other on-chip functions. Applications include CO2 gas sensing and human presence detection and will extend into spectroscopic identification of organic materials.

Founded in 2008 as a spin-off from Cambridge University, with the start of technology development dating back to 1994 in collaboration with the University of Warwick, CCMOSS has built an outstanding expertise in micro hotplate design and manufacturing for gas and infrared sensing over more than 20 years. CCMOSS' corporate headquarters are located in Cambridge, UK, and the company has 33 employees. The Cambridge region has become a center of innovation for sensor technologies globally so ams values the ability to gain direct access to this attractive ecosystem going forward. CCMOSS currently has product revenues on a small scale but is not yet profitable.

The parties to the transaction, which is expected to close within a week given that no regulatory approvals are needed, have agreed to keep the consideration confidential. ams plans to fully integrate CCMOSS' activities into its existing environmental sensor business, which has development locations in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, and Reutlingen, Germany.

Alexander Everke, CEO of ams, commented on the transaction, "The addition of CCMOSS makes ams the clear leader in gas and infrared sensor technology worldwide, and completes ams' portfolio of products and technologies for the environmental sensor market. This highly strategic acquisition is therefore another key step in making ams the world's leading provider of sensor solutions for consumer, automotive, industrial, and medical applications."

April 12, 2014

AMS Enters Agreement to Acquire Private Sensor Specialist Acam-Messelectronic

A leading provider of sensor solutions based on time-to-digital conversion, acam-messelectronic expands ams' sensor solutions portfolio for high precision applications.

Unterpremstaetten, Austria (4 December 2014) - ams (SIX: AMS), a leading worldwide manufacturer of high performance sensor and analog solutions, has entered into an agreement to acquire 100% of the shares in acam-messelectronic, a leader in highly accurate time-based measurement and related sensor solutions, in an all-cash transaction.

Established in 1996, acam-messelectronic designs and markets sensor interface solutions based on the company's time-to-digital converter (TDC) technology. acam-messelectronic's time-based converter technology with picosecond resolution creates significant advantages for demanding sensor applications. Shipping into industrial, infrastructure, medical, and automotive systems, the company's CMOS-based products measure timing, capacitance, resistance and rotational speed at very high accuracy and speed with very low power consumption. acam-messelectronic's technolo-gy offers superior performance in time-of-flight and ultrasound-based measurement applications.

acam-messelectronic is headquartered in Stutensee, Germany, and the company has approximately 25 employees. acam-messelectronic's annual revenues reach the high single-digit million EUR range with attractive profitability. The parties to the transaction, which is expected to close within the next week subject to certain approvals and conditions, have agreed to keep the consideration confidential. Following the closing, ams plans to integrate acam-messelectronic's activities in current and emerging markets into its existing business at the present location and to consolidate acam-messelectronic for accounting purposes from the first quarter 2015 onwards.

Adding acam-messelectronic's time-to-digital sensor technology to ams' portfolio of advanced sensors is a further step for ams towards shaping the world with sensor solutions.