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AS3412 Active Noise Cancellation

Ultra Small ANC Speaker Driver

Integrated Active Noise Cancelling solution improves the quality of music listening, phone conversations etc. by significantly reducing background ambient noise. The first ultra-small IC specially created for the mobile accessory headset implementation.

AS3412 speaker driver diagram

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Key Features

  • 30dB noise reduction achievable
  • Integrated bypass switches
  • Up to 34mW stereo output power
  • Full digital control
  • Support of Feed Forward Topology
  • WL-CSP 2.2x2.2mm package; 0.4mm pitch

Key Benefits

  • No mechanical switch for passive playback
  • Reduced hiss noise level
  • Ultra small PCB size

AS3412 Applications

  • Mobile Accesories
  • Stereo On-Ear Headsets
  • Stereo Earpieces
  • Multimedia Devices

AS3412 Product Facts

Function Receive path
Topology Feed Forward
Output type Stereo/BTL
Max output power (BTL, 1.8V, 32 Ohm) [mW] 90
SNR, THD (SE, 34mW, 32Ohm) [dB] >112, 5%
ANC performance [dB] >30
Supply voltage [V] 1.8V - 1.6V
Package 2.2x2.2mm package; 0.4mm pitch