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AS3502 Active Noise Cancellation

Feedforward ANC Solution for Embedded Systems

Active Noise Cancellation solution addressing feedback architecture for embedded applications such as MP3 and Multimedia players.

AS3502 Active Noise Cancellation diagram

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Key Features

  • >20dB noise reduction achievable
  • High quality audio chain
  • Fully electronic calibration
  • I2C interface

Key Benefits

  • Superior performance
  • Pure, unadulterated audio
  • No manual intervention during production
  • User programmable

AS3502 Applications

  • Headsets (Over-ear, On-ear and In-ear
  • Hands-free Kits
  • Mobile Phones
  • Portable Media Players
  • Portable DVD Players

AS3502 Product Facts

Function Receive path
Topology Feedback
Output type Stereo SE / Mono BTL
Max output power (BTL, 1.8V, 32 Ohm) [mW] 125
SNR, THD (SE, 34mW, 32Ohm) [dB] >100, <0.1%
ANC performance [dB] >20
Supply voltage [V] 1.0 to 1.8
Package QFN-32 (5x5)