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AS3517 Audio Codec

Stereo Audio Codec with Advanced Power Management System

High performance Analog audio front end with integrated dual channel 18bit DAC(94dB SNR, 8-48kHz), 20bit ADC(90dB SNR, 8-48kHz), headphone drive capability and multiple high power voltage supplies.

AS3517 Stereo Audio Codec with advanced power management diagram

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Key Features

  • High performance Codec
  • On chip power management with master clock capability and RTC
  • Multi-source inputs

Key Benefits

  • Playback and recording in CD quality
  • Reduces system component count
  • integrated audio hub

AS3517 Applications

  • Portable Digital Audio Player and Recorder
  • PDA, Smartphone

AS3517 Product Facts

Power Management "DCDC StepUp: 1x60mA @ 12V, 1x500mA (USB)
DCDC StepDown: 1x500mA, 2x250mA
LDO: 4x200mA, 1x2mA, 2x MIC
Charge Pump: 1x10mA (for USB OTG)
Current Sink: 1x40mA (prog., log. Dimming)"
Main Audio Features "Headphone Amp: 1x
Line Out: 2x
Line In: 2x
Microphone In: 2x
Audio Mix: yes"
Audio Codec SNR "DAC: 96dB
ADC: 90dB"
Speaker Amplifier
Main Interface & Control "Gen. Purpose ADC: 10bit
I2C & I2S: yes
SPDIF: yes
RES & WDT: yes
DRM Enabled (UID): 64bit"
USB Charger with Temp Supervision
Boot ROM for Start-up Sequences 25
Package BGA-81 (9x9)