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AS5215 Rotary Position Sensor

Redundant Rotary Position Sensor With Sin/Cos Output

The AS5215 is a redundant, contactless rotary position sensor for accurate angular measurement over a full turn of 360° and over an extended ambient temperature of -40°C to +150°C. Based on an integrated Hall element array the angular position of a simple two-pole magnet is translated into analog output voltages. The angle information is provided by means of buffered sine and consine voltages via a SSI Interface.

AS5215 a redundant contactless rotary position sensor diagram

Key Features

  • High precision analog output
  • Buffered sine and cosine signals
  • SSI Interface
  • Low power mode
  • Programmable output modes


  • Power steering
  • Rotary switches
  • General industrial applications

AS5215 Product Facts

Resolution -
Interfaces SSI
Output sin/cos
Max speed [rpm]
Overvoltage protection [ ] Yes
Supply voltage [V] 5.0
Temperature range [°C] -40 to +150
Package MLF-32
Automotive qualified Yes