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AS5403 Linear Position Sensor

Hall Position Sensor for Linear and Off-Axis Applications

The AS5403 is a Hall sensor which detect linear or rotary off-axis movement of a 2-pole magnet.

Using two Hall cells allows absolute (single pixel) as well as differential (double pixel) magnetic field measurement. The differential measurement makes the AS5403 ideal for use in rough automotive position sensing applications that include not only dust, dirt or moisture but also unwanted magnetic stray fields.

The IC has signal conditioning features, including compensation of temperature effects as well as linearization. The build in diagnostic functions makes the AS5403 suitable for safety critical applications.

Block diagram of the AS5403 Hall Linear Position Sensor

Key Features

  • High magnetic input range
  • Dual pixel principle
  • Offset and sensitivity accuracy over temperature
  • Integrated diagnostic functions
  • Raw data assessment possible
  • 33 linearization points

Key Benefits

  • Highest flexibility in magnet selection and mechanical arrangement
  • Suppression against magnetic stray fields
  • Flexibility in choice of interface
  • High linearity after teaching
  • External calculations of raw data
  • Best in class performance parameters


  • Clutch/brake pedal
  • Gearbox sensor
  • Steering angle sensor
  • Gearbox shift link

AS5403 Product Facts

Resolution 16 bit
Minimum pole pair length
Interfaces [] SPI/ Single Wire UART
Output [] SPI/ Single Wire UART / PWM / analog
Max speed [m/s]
Supply voltage [V] 5.0
Temperature range [°C] -40 to +150
Package TSSOP-14
Automotive qualified AEC-Q100