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AS5900: 128-Channel Low Noise Current-to-Digital Converter

High Performance CT Detector Interface Solution

The ams AS5900 is a low noise, 26-bit, 128-Channel Current-to-Digital, Analog-to-Digital (ADC) Converter. This new high performance sensor interface solution enables medical, industrial and security CT scanners to render sharper and more detailed images.

The AS5900 converter enables the readout of photodiodes with highest sensitivity. High resolution CT imaging can be achieved up to 26-bits resolution. Its 128-low-noise and high linear converter channels provide an increased gray scale, improved contrast and reduce artifacts of 3D CT images. The low power consumption of 1mW per channel reduces self-heating effects and the overall power consumption of the system. An integrated temperature sensor allows the calibration of temperature drifts of the X-ray detector modules.

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Block diagram of the AS5900 Current to Digital Converter

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Key Features

  • Flexible Configuration to Get the Optimized Operation Point in Your Application
  • Adjustable Full Scale Range, Resolution, Integration Time and Power Consumption
  • High Speed LVDS Data Interface
  • On Board Voltage Reference and Temperature Sensor

Key Benefits

  • Ultra-Low Noise Down to 3200 Electrons for a Full-Scale Range up to 1µA
  • Very Fast Integration Time Down to 50µs
  • High Linearity of ±250ppm of Reading ±1ppm of FSR
  • Very Low Power Dissipation Down to 1mW/channel
  • Up to 26-Bit Resolution

AS5900 Applications

  • Medical, Industrial and Security CT Scanner Data Acquisition
  • Multi-Channel Sensors with Current Output (i.e. Photodiode Arrays)
  • DAS (Data Acquisition System) for Current Input

AS5900 Product Facts

Application CT Scanner
Primary Function Current-to-Digital Converter
Channels 128-Channel
Resolution 26-Bit
Input Related Noise 3200 electrons @ 1µA FSR
Min. Power Consumption 1 mW per channel
Min. Integration Time 50 µs
Package FBGA248 (10mm x 10mm)