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PICOCAP PCap01 Features

PicoCap PCap01 - Capacitance to Digital Converter

Capacitance-to-Digital Converter with Integrated Signal Processor


  • Up to 8 capacitances in grounded mode
  • Up to 4 capacitances in floating mode (potential-free and with zero bias voltage)
  • Compensation of internal (grounded) and external parasitic capacities (floating)
  • High resolution: Up to 6 aF at 5 Hz and 10 pF base capacitance, 17 bit resolution at 5 Hz with 100 pF base capacitance and 10 pF excitation
  • High measurement rate, up to 500 kH
  • Extremely low current consumption possible, down to 4 μA at 3 Hz with 13.4 bit resolution
  • High stability with temperature, low offset drift (down to 30 aF per Kelvin), low gain
  • Internal temperature measurement (25 mK resolution) or dedicated ports for precision temperature measurement with Pt1000 sensors (5 mK resolution)
  • Serial peripheral interface (SPI compatible)
  • Inter-Integrated Circuit Interface (I2C compatible)
  • No need for a clock
  • RISC processor core using Harvard architecture: ƒƒ48 x 48 bit RAM Data
  • 4k x 8 bit volatile program memory for highspeed operation (40 to 100 MHz)
  • 4k x 8 bit non-volatile (OTP) program memory
  • Single power supply (2.1 to 3.6 V)
  • QFN24 or QFN32 package

Internal Discharge Structure