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PICOSTRAIN Applications

Battery-driven industrial scale with 20.000 divisions at 5 Hz

Sensor: Fullbridge, 1000 Ohm SG
Sensitivity: 2 mV/V
Update rate: 5 Hz
Resolution: 20,000 scale divisions (6.6 sigma/div => 45nV rms noise)
Current consumption: optimized for battery life time
Supply voltage: 3 x AA, 3.0 V SG and core
Application: Industrial bench scale
Settings: Measurement range 2, One-sense mode, Cycle time 270µs, AVRate 60, Temperature measurement, Gain and Rdson compensation.

Current Consumption

Current into strain gage and PS02 I/O section:760 µA
Current into PS02 core:140 µA
Oscillator:150 µA
Comparator:120 µA
Totel current:1,170 µA

Schematic Diagram

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