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Precision of a Single Measurement

The precision of a single measurement (AVRate = 1) depends on 2 parameters:

  • The measurement range
  • The discharge time

As long as the update rate is not higher than 5 kHz we recommend working with measurement range 2. Setting the discharge time to 50 -100 µs, PS021 has the performance shown in the table on the right

General Circuit Features

PS021 internally improves the precision of the measurement results by averaging. The measuring principle guarantees that no significant systematic errors affect the result. The standard deviation is improved by the square root of the averaging rate.

RMS Noise without averaging

(2 kHz update rate):

5 V0.66 µV1.15 µV
3 V0.51 µV0.88 µV
2.5 V0.57 µV0.98 µV

RMS Noise with 400-fold averaging

5 V0.026 µV0.045 µV
3 V0.024 µV0.041 µV
2.5 V0.024 µV0.041 µV