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PICOSTRAIN Evaluation System

Easy Access to a New Measuring Principle

Get acquainted with the PS021 and its PICOSTRAIN measuring principle. With PSA21, acam offers a convenient evaluation and measurement system, so you can test the full functionality and performance of the PS021. In combination, this gives you an adequate measurement system together with a powerful software that simplifies the handling of the various setup possibilities. The PSA21 is connected to a PC with a RS232 interface. Several settings for core and I/O supply voltage can be selected with jumpers. Further jumpers allow current measurement.

As reference frequency two clocks with 32,768 Hz or 4 MHz are available.

There is a BNC connector to trigger a single measurement by an external signal.

The system is offered with three plug-in modules:

  • PSA21-STD with module for PICOSTRAIN standard bridge connection (separated halfbridges)
  • PSA21-WSB with module for Wheatstone bridges
  • PSA21-CAP with module for capacity measurements    (DISCONTINUED)

Evaluation System

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