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PICOSTRAIN Comparison PS08 vs. PS081

General Circuit Features

EEPROM:1K x 8-BIt2K x 8-Bit
User-EEPROM2 x 24-BIt16 x 24-BIt
Inputs:max. 5max. 21
External LCD supportnoyes
Enlarged ROM routines
- Anti vibration filter
- Unit conversion
- SPI to LCD support
- and more...
Packaged versionQFN56QFN56
Dice version2770 x 2520 µm²
Pad: 116 µ x 90 µm
Wafer thickness: 725 µm
2370 x 3470
Pad: 116 µm x 90 µm
Wafer thickness: 725 µm
  • Extended user-EEPROM in PS081 for general use
  • QFN versions are pin compatible
  • Register adaptions are necessary