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PICOSTRAIN PS081 Evaluation System

ACAM PS081 Chip

The PS081-EVA evaluation system provides a complete weighing system made of a main board with LCD and solar panel, up to three plug-in modules, a 10kg load cell platform and windows-based evaluation and assembler software. It offers extensive and user-friendly configuration and evaluation of the PS081 single-chip solution for weigh scales.

The PS081-EVAL system is connected to the PC's USB interface through the PICOPROG programming device.

For a proper use of the evaluation system it is strongly recommended to refer to the current PS081 datasheet.


  • PS081-EVAL-MB main board
    • LCD display 22 x 51mm²
    • Optional interface to external LCD controller
      • Power select by 3 jumpers:
      • Solar panel 55 x 20 mm²
      • Battery holder for CR2032
      • Wall power supply, Voltage selectable by on-board jumpers
    • 10Push buttons
    • Serial interface to PICOPROG programmer
    • Optional buzzer
  • PS081-EVA-HR high resolution module
    • For up to 150,000 stable scale divisions & solar applications
    • 4 halfbridges
    • 4 layer PCB
  • PS081-EVA-STD standard module
    • For up to 60,000 stable scale divisions
    • 4 halfbridges
    • 2 layer PCB
  • PS081-EVA-WB Wheatstone module
    • For up to 60.000 stable scale divisions with classical load cells
    • 1 Wheatstone bridge
    • 4 layer PCB
  • PICOPROG Programmer
    • 10kg load cell
    • 350 Ohm sensors
    • Mounted on platform
    • Wired as 2 half bridges with 1 span compensation resistor

Eval Kit

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