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Compact System-on-Chip for Strain Gage Applications

Picostrain Integrated Circuit for Measuring Strain Gauges

The PS09 is the latest member in the PICOSTRAIN product family of integrated circuits for measuring strain gauges. It represents the next step towards higher integration and improved functional density.

The PS09 takes the full advantage of the PICOSTRAIN digital measuring principle and allows very compact and cost effective designs with very few external components. It perfectly suits to systems and instrumentation where the result should be provided digitally, via SPI, IIC or UART. Such as system is for instance a Digital Load Cell (DLC) which directly integrates the electronics into the sensor and comes with many benefits therefore, e.g. good EMI behavior, compact design, easily applicable temperature compensation, etc.

Industrial Applications

  • Digital load cells
  • Torque wrenches
  • Pressure indicators
  • Legal for trade scales
  • Couting scales

Consumer Applications

  • Pure solar driven scale
  • Body scales
  • Kitchen scales
  • Pocket scales
  • Hanging scales
  • Postal scales
  • Package scales

Internal Precision Temperature Measurement

Like other members of the PICOSTRAIN product family PS09 supports the connection of only a half-bridge as sensor without any loss in resolution quality. However, unlike its ancestors the PS09 contains additionally an internal temperature unit which allows a convenient temperature compensation of half-bridge sensors without any additional external compensation resistors. This way, the whole sensor gets simpler and the temperature compensation more convenient than ever before. Here again, especially the Digital Load Cell takes full advantage of this new feature:

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Another unique feature is the capability of directly connecting up to 4 capacitive keys, which adds only 1 µA of additional current! This is much less than common solutions for capacitive keys and comes therefore very handy in power-saving applications such as battery-driven devices or pure solar-driven devices, e.g. a solar kitchen-scale.

Get into the technology of the PS09 and discover the world’s most innovative technology for resistive bridge type sensors, which are based on metal strain gages.

Block Diagram

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