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Picoturn 2G System

PICOTURN-2G: The Smart Sensor to Measure Your Turbochargers Speed

PICOTURN-2G represents the second generation of acam's well established system to measure the rotational speed of turbochargers compressor wheels. As a fully integrated and compact solution the PICOTURN-2G is a miniaturized sensor system that perfectly suits to applications in the engine bay. The sensors are IP 67 proof and provide a standard TTL / CMOS output signal, whereas each edge corresponds to one vane of the compressor wheel. The open system architecture and the modular system design allows an easy integration into existing measurement systems as a stand-alone solution or optionally with acam's PT2G-BX or PT2G-BD signal conditioning boxes.


  • Measuring principle: Attenuation by eddy currents
  • Sensing directly the compressor wheel
  • Fully integrated sensor electronics
  • Self-adjustment simplifies mounting
  • Comfortable spacing sensor-wheel
  • Suitable even for small compressor wheels (32mm)
  • No modification of rotating parts
  • Rotational speeds up to 400.000 rpm
  • Digital TTL/CMOS output
  • Optional signal conditioning with PT2G-BX, PT2G-BD


  • Fully integrated smart sensor solution
  • Improved stability against electromagnetic interferences
  • For passenger cars and commercial vehicles
  • Extended cable length up to 10m, without preamplification
  • Easy integration into existing measurement system
  • Suitable for single stage and two stage systems
  • Price attractive