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PicoTurn 2G System

PICOTURN is Smart Sensor Technology That Measures Turbocharger Speed

The measuring principle of PICOTURN is attenutation of an inductance by eddy currents. It features improved stability against EMI. PICOTURN measures rotational speeds to 400,000 rpm, requires no modification of rotating parts, and senses the compressor wheel directly. It is compatible with single and two-stage turbocharger systems.

PICOTURN offers IP67 compliant sensors, standard digital TTL and CMOS output signals, compact housing, and a programmable number of vanes. The system has open architecture and works well stand alone or fits easily into another measurement system. PICOTURN is ideal for engine testing in passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

Speed Sensor Technology Features

The PICOSTRAIN integrated circuits are realized without any analog component. Again, acam uses its TDC technology to set new standards in circuit design and takes the advantages of this principle like:

  • Measuring principle: Attenuation by eddy currents
  • Sensing directly the compressor wheel
  • Fully integrated sensor electronics
  • Self-adjustment simplifies mounting
  • Comfortable spacing sensor-wheel
  • Suitable even for small compressor wheels (32mm)
  • No modification of rotating parts
  • Rotational speeds up to 400.000 rpm
  • Optional signal conditioning with PT2G-BX, PT2G-BD
  • Analog output (0.5 - 4.5 V)
  • Digital output (TTL, 50% duty cycle)
  • Number of vanes programmable (1-31)
  • Compact housing (105 x 30 x 85mm³)

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