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AS3611 Battery Charger

USB Compliant Step Down Charger for Li-Ion Portable Devices

The AS3611 is a highly integrated standalone or optional I2C controlled step down charger. All supervision and regulation functions are realized internal and independent from the processor. The 100/500mA USB current limit can be set via a dedicated control pin. Other limits like 900mA can be programmed in the OTP ROM. In addition, the Charger can generate a 5.05V output supply at VBUS for USB OTG. The AS3611 is a stand-alone version of this charger IC. Charging and EOC current is set by resistor only. Functions like OTG boost mode or max current limit for wall adapter mode can be enabled using dedicated pins.

Key Features

  • DCDC USB Charger
  • 1.25A, 3MHz DCDC Charger
  • OTG Boost with low IQ (700μA) up to 500mA
  • 22V over voltage protection
  • Seamless 100% mode

AS3611 Applications

The AS3611 Battery Charger is used as a 1 Cell Li+ charger for mobile phones and portable devices.

AS3611 Product Facts

Chemistry Li-Ion
# of cells 1
Charger current [A] 1.25
OVP [V] 22
Power path management
USB OTG / Host boost
NTC [k] 10/100
Package MLPD-14 (3x3)