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AS7620 Buck Converter

HV DC-DC Step-Down Converter, 32V, With Dual Power Monitor

The AS7620 is a high-efficiency, high-voltage, hysteretic step-down DC-DC converter capable to drive 500mA (typical, 650mA peak) at 1.2V to VIN output with up to 90% efficiency. The devise operates on wide input voltage range, from 3.6V up to 32V. Low IQ current of 30 μA and on-demand switching extends the battery life on low load applications.

Block diagram of the AS7620 Buck Converter

Key Features

  • Input 3.6V to 32V
  • 500mA (typ) @1.2V to Vin
  • Up to 90% efficiency

Key Benefits

  • 24V industrial supply rail
  • Flexible use
  • Good thermal performance

AS7620 Applications

  • Industrial 24VDC Applications like PLCs and Robotics
  • Home Security and Building Control Applications
  • Solidstate Utility Meters
  • Sensor Interfaces

AS7620 Product Facts

Input voltage [V] 3.6 to 32
Output voltage [V] AS7620-A: 1.2 to Vin
AS7620-B: 3.3
Output current [mA] 500 (typ)
Efficiency [%] 90 (max)
Iq [μA] 30 (typ)
Architecture Hysteretic, async
fmax [kHz] >250
Enable/SHDN [ ]
Reset [POK]
Features Early power fail warning,
100% duty cycle
Package QFN-12 (4x4 mm)