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AS3701 Micro-PMIC

1 Buck DCDC, 2 LDOs, 500mA Power Path Management Linear Charger, Programmable Startup

The AS3701 is a small microPMIC for small size and low power applications. AS3701 features one 500mA DCDC buck converter operating at 1MHz up to 4MHz, two 200mA LDOs, two 40mA current sinks and offers additional GPIO functions. Further, the device contains an integrated power path management linear battery charger with constant current and constant voltage operation. The wide charging current range going from 11mA up to 500mA and the integrated battery temperature monitoring with selectable NTC beta values make this device suitable for a great variety of applications. The single supply voltage may vary from 2.7V to 5.5V and all functionalities of AS3701 can be controlled via the I2C interface.

Block diagram of the S3701 Micro-PMIC

Key Features

  • Multiple rails in a compact design for low power applications
  • Self-contained Li-Ion battery charger with power path management
  • Flexible multi-purpose IOs for general control tasks and for standalone operation with I2C interface
  • Flexible and fast adaption to different processors/applications
  • Cost effective, small package optimized for low PCB cost and size

Key Benefits

  • Linear charger with internal transistor
  • Trickle-, Constant Current and Constant Voltage
  • 2 programmable current sources up to 40mA
  • Low battery and Power Good output
  • Stand-by function with programmable voltagess

AS3701 Applications

The AS3701 Micro Power Management IC is used for low power applications like sport watches, handheld GPS devices, mobile phones and other 1-cell Li+ powered devices.

AS3701 Product Facts

DC-DC step up converters [ ]
DC-DC step down converters 1x0.5A
Special LDOs [mA]
Universal LDOs [mA] 2x200
Current sinks [mA] 2x40
Charge pump [V/mA]
Audio DAC
Audio features
General purpose ADC
Charger linear
Customizable startup sequences programmable
Package WL-CSP-20, 0.4mm pitch