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AS3709 Power Management Unit

5 Buck DCDCs, 2 LDOs, Programmable Startup

The AS3709 features 5 high-efficiency, constant-frequency synchronous buck converters and two universal LDOs. The input voltage range (2.7V to 5.5V), automatic power-save mode and minimal external component requirements make the AS3709 perfect for any single Li-Ion battery-powered or fixed 3.3V/5V supply application.

Block diagram of the AS3709 Power Management Unit

Key Features

  • 5 DCDC step down regulators (2-4MHz)
  • 2 universal IO LDOs
  • OTP programmable Boot and Power-down sequence
  • Stand-by function with programmable sequence and voltages
  • Control Interface, I2C/SPI control lines, ON key with 4/8s emergency shut-down, POR with RESET I/O

Key Benefits

  • Compact design due to small coils for IO and memory voltage generation
  • Independent voltage rails for general purpose IO supplies
  • Flexible and fast adaptation to different processors/applications
  • Power saving control according to the processor's needs
  • Self-contained start-up and control for single-cell battery applications; safety shutdown feature

AS3709 Applications

  • SSDs, Mobile Communication Devices
  • Laptops & PDAs
  • Ultra Low Power Systems
  • Medical Instruments
  • Space Limited Applications with Low Power Consumption Requirements

AS3709 Product Facts

DC-DC step up converters [ ]
DC-DC step down converters 5x1A or 3x1A+1x2A or 2x1A+1x3A or 1x1A+2x2A or 1x2A+1x3A
Special LDOs [mA]
Universal LDOs [mA] 2x300
Current sinks [mA]
Charge pump [V/mA]
Audio DAC
Audio features
General purpose ADC
Customizable startup sequences programmable
Package QFN-32 (4x4)