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727 MikroKera 4L Hydrogen Sulfide Sensor

Sensor Features

  • Reliably detects H2S at concentrations from 0.15 to > 100 ppm
  • Rugged sensor operates at temperature and humidity extremes
  • Fast response (<5 seconds) and complete recovery after H2S exposure
  • Sensor response is stable (does not go to sleep)
  • Thermistor heater allows active control of sensor temperature based on environmental temperature

Electrical Characteristics

Property Symbol Value Remarks
Heater Power Consumption PH ~225 mW At VH = 2.2 VDC
Heater Voltage VH 2.2 VDC Tsensor ~ 300°C
Heater Resistance RH 10Ω ± 1.0 Ω At room temperature
Sensing Voltage VC 2.5 VDC Recommended
Resistance in Air Ra 200 kΩ/20 MΩ Min/Max
Resistance in 50 ppm H2S R50 10 kΩ/1 MΩ Min/Max
Sensitivity Ra/R50 15 Min