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705 Ammonia Sensor

705 Ammonia Sensor

Sensor Features

  • Detection range of <25 to 10,000 ppm ammonia (NH3).
  • High selectivity to ammonia.
  • Minimal response to changing environmental humidity.
  • Response is unaffected by prolonged exposures to or high concentrations of ammonia.
  • Sensor response is not affected by H2S.

Electrical Characteristics

Property Symbol Value Remarks
Heater Power Consumption PH ~975 mW At VH = 7.5
Heater Voltage VH 7.5 VDC
Heater Resistance RH 30Ω ± 2Ω At room temperature
Sensing Voltage VC 5.0 VDC Recommended
Sensitivity (using 75 ppm NH3) Ra/R75 1.5 Min
Sensitivity (using 25 ppm NH3) Ra/R25 1.2 Min