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731 UltraKera™ TO VOC Sensor

Sensor Features

  • New low power designn: 40 mA @ 1 V
  • Innovative chemiresistor technology
  • Environmental temperature range of -40 to 60°C with appropriate heater contro
  • Thermistor heater allows active control of sensor temperature based on environmental temperature
  • Environmental humidity range of 0 to 95% RH, noncondensing
  • Sensor packaged on low profile TO-46 header

Electrical Characteristics

Property Symbol Value Remarks
Heater Power Consumption PH 40 mW Continuous at VH = 1.0V
Heater Voltage VH 1.0 VDC Tsensor ~220°C,
RH = 16Ω
Heater Resistance RH 14 to 18 Ohms At room temperature
Sensing Voltage VC 2.5 VDC Typical
Typical Resistance in Air Ra 200 kΩ/10 MΩ* Min/Max
Typical Resistance in 500 ppm Ethanol4 R1.0 1 kΩ*/200 kΩ* Min/Max
Typical Sensitivity Ra/R500 10 Min
Repeatability ±5% Full Scale/±10% Reading Whichever is Greater