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AS3930 LF Receiver IC

Programmable 1D LF Wake-Up Receiver

The AS3930 is a single-channel ASK receiver that generates a wake-up signal upon detection of a data signal with a carrier frequency in the range of 110 - 150 kHz. It can be used to wake-up active tags in RTLS, PKE and other similar tracking and access control systems.

Diagram of the AS3930 LF Wakeup Receiver

Key Features

  • Programmable wake-up pattern
  • 100µV wake-up sensivity
  • Low power listening mode (1.37µA)
  • Operating supply voltage 2.4 - 3.6V

Key Benefits

  • Eliminates false wake-up
  • Provides long range wake-up
  • Enables long battery life
  • Works with 3V battery

AS3930 Applications

  • Active RFID Tags
  • Real-time Location Systems (RTLS)
  • Operator Identification
  • Wireless Sensors

AS3930 Product Facts

Channels [#] 1
Wake-up sensitivity [µVpp] 282
LF carrier freq. range [kHz] 110 - 150
Data rate (manch.) [kb/s] 0.5 - 4
Dynamic range [dB] 64
RSSI step [dB] 2
Package TSSOP-16,
QFN-16 (4x4)