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AS3696 LED Driver

4-Channel White LED Controller for General Lighting or 3D-LCD Backlight

The AS3696 is a 4 channel precision LED controller with PWM inputs or internal PWM generator for driving external FETs in LCD-backlight panels. Build in safety features include thermal shutdown as well as open and short LED detection.

AS3696 LED Controller Block Diagram

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Key Features

  • 2x2 Channel LED driver
  • Output current only limited by external FET
  • Build in shunt regulator
  • Absolute current accuracy +/- 1%
  • Channel to channel accuracy +/- 1%

AS3696 Applications

LED Backlighting for 3D-LCD TV Sets and Monitors

AS3696 Product Facts

Outputs [#] 4
LED current per output [mA] Limited by external FET
Features 3D mode
Error detection
LED-to-LED matching [%] 1
Supply voltage [V] Main Supply
Package QFN32 (5x5)-0.5p
TQFP32 (7x7)-0.8p