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AS7261 XYZ Chromatic White Color Sensor

The AS7261 is a chromatic white color sensor providing direct XYZ color coordinates consistent with the CIE 1931 2° Standard Observer color coordinates. It also maps the XYZ coordinates to the x, y (Y) of the 2-dimensional color gamut and scales the coordinates to the CIE 1976 u’v’ coordinate system.

The device provides accurate Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) measurements and provides color point deviation from the black body curve for white light color in the delta u’v’ coordinate system. It also integrates a Near-IR channel for other applications. LED drivers with programmable currents are provided for electronic shutter applications.

The AS7261 integrates Gaussian filters into standard CMOS silicon via Nano-optic deposited interference filter technology and is packaged in an LGA package that provides a built in aperture to control the light entering the sensor array. Control and spectral data access is implemented through either the I2C register set, or with a high level AT Spectral Command set via a serial UART.

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Key Features

  • Tri-stimulus XYZ realized by silicon interference filters
  • UART or I2C slave digital Interface
  • 16-bit ADC with digital access
  • Programmable LED drivers
  • 20-pin LGA package 4.5mm x 4.7mm x 2.5mm

Key Benefits

  • Compact true-color sensing
  • Simple text-based command interface via UART, or direct register read and write with interrupt-on-sensor-ready option on I2C
  • Lifetime-calibrated sensing with no drift over time or temperature
  • No additional signal conditioning required
  • Small, robust package, with built-in aperture


  • Color measurement and absorbance
  • Color matching and identification
  • Precision color tuning/calibration

AS7261 Product Facts

Sensor Type XYZ Tri-Stimulus/Standard Observer
Application(s) Authentication, Content Analysis
I/O I2C Master or UART (mode configurable)
Package 20-pin LGA with aperture
Size 4.5mm x 4.7mm x 2.5mm
Operating Range 2.7V to 3.6V, -40°C to 85°C