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Customized Detector Systems

Can't Find Exactly What You Need? We'll Build it Custom for You!

Surface Concept is an expert in custom designed delay line detectors. We can build all parts of delay line detectors (active areas, housings, mounting flanges) adapted to the customer's application.

Some of our custom designs from the past 3 years:

  • Super-sized: DLD 120120 - active area: 120 x 120mm²
  • Pint-sized: DLD 1818 - active area 18mm² - CF40 mounting flange - also as interchangeable system
  • Hybrid: DLD4242H9 - hybrid design of a DLD and a 9-segment-detector - active area: 42x42mm²
  • High Voltage (HV)DLDs - base potential of up to -12kV
  • HV DLD/MicroMott detector combination
  • DLD3030-4quad - 4-Quadrant Delayline Detector for multiple hit detection - active area: 60 mm x 60 mm