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Electron Microscopy

Miscellaneous Surface Concept Products & Services


Detection systems for scanning electron microscopy (SEM)

We upgrade pre-existing scanning electron microscopes by installing a system for X-ray microspot analysis with digital image aquisition and modern multi element mapping functions. Simple upgrades of older instruments to digital image aquistion and processing are also possible.


EUMEX® EDX detectors and the WinEDS® software package are the perfect choice for retrofitting your SEM or TEM. WinEDS® is a software package utilizing a digital pulse processor on a PCI card. Works with nearly all common EDX detector systems.

Research & Development Services

EDX analysis

We perform Energy Dispersive X-ray spectroscopy in combination with SEM for a spatially resolved analysis of the elemental composition of your samples.

UHV acceptance tests

This covers residual gas/outgassing analysis and related activities.