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Comparison to Other Detector Techniques

Detection Efficiencies for thermal, cold and ultra-cold neutrons are superior to other detection principles:

Wavelength/Energy Demountables + NeuView™ MCP Scintillators (Li-6 based) + CCD
QE* at 0,9 Å (thermal/epi) ~20% ~5%
1-2 Å (thermal) ~40% (static or dynamic) 10% (static), <0,1% (dynamic/gating)
5 Å (cold) ~70% ~25% (static)
30 Å (very cold) ~80% ~30% (static)
Spatial Resolution ~50µm ** >200µm
Temporal Resolution ~100ns ~100ms (ungated),
Gamma Ray Sensitivity ~1% (<10-6) ~1µs (gated)

* Quantum efficiency is a function of neutron energy and operating conditions.
** Dependent upon neutron beam dispersion and readout selected. Current best achieved resolution: 36 µm FWHM.

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