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Neutron Detector: Principle of Operation

Neutron Sensitive Delay Line Detector with 40 mm active areaSurface Concept's new open face detector, enabled by NOVA Scientific's unique neutron-sensitive NeuView™ MCPs is now available in a wide range of formats up to 150mm. These user-friendly and 'turnkey' delayline readout systems are capable of very high spatial and ultra-fast timing resolution. NeuView™ MCPs represent a patented technique of NOVA Scientific Inc.

This combination allows complete flexibility in mounting the MCP neutron detector onto a vacuum chamber or evacuated neutron beamline. If preferred, an actively pumped detector with neutron-transparent front flange-mounted window for stand-alone operation can be provided.

Direct single neutron pulse counting operation is possible with the integrated Surface Concept delay line electronic readout, an exceptionally user-friendly readout allowing ~50 µm spatial and 100 ns (0.1 µs) timing resolution simultaneously - a unique and extremely powerful combination, unable to be matched by any other single unit neutron detector.

Detection Principle: An impacting neutron produces charged particles by reacting with a 10B nucleaus. This process releases electrons in the MCP, which in turn create secondary electrons that continue to multiply and create the output pulse.

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