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Customer-Specific Integrated TDCs

The use of pure digital circuit design makes it easy to build on the performance features of the standard products and improve specific technical data. Accordingly, acam develops optimized TDC's which are tailored to the specific measuring requirements of the customer.

Time of Flight Module

  • Additional measuring modes
  • Additional mathematical operations for on-chip data processing (e.g. high performance 32 floating point units with focus on low power consumption)
  • Memory (FIFO, EEPROM...)
  • Various interfaces
  • µC cores

The wealth of experience acam has gathered assures the ability to integrate all necessary funtions on a single circuit and so to provide a system-on-chip solution.

Implementation Examples

TDC-S1 is a TDC with 25ps standard deviation for use in the ATV (Automatic Transport Vehicle) that will supply the ISS (International Space Station). The high resolution is all the more impressive as this TDC is realized on a radiation hard process.

DFA1 Integrated circuit for detection of the rotation of a propeller meter with extremely low current consumption (<2uA) - contacless, non-magnetic und feedbackless.

Customer-Specific Systems

On the base of the ATMD-System we also develop complete solutions and additional modules to fit your application.

Take as an example the AM-HM1 histogramming module, that was developed for RoentDek. This is a standalone PC-based 4-channel TDC with 32MB Histogram memory for fast readout of Delay-Line-Detectors developed by RoentDek. For more information, please contact RoentDek.

Another example is the Time-of-Flight Module offered by GPTA (Gesellschaft für physikalisch-technische Anwendungen). The key features of this module are virtually dead time free operation, 5 ns multihit dead time in 1 channel mode, (60±5) ps maximum resolution, an input for multicard coincidence measurements. For more information, please email sales@gpta.de

Time-of-Flight Module

AM-HM1 Histogramming Module

AM-HM1 Histogramming Module and is a Standalone PC-Based 4-Channel TDC

TDC-S1 Into Space

The TDC-S1 is a Time to Digital Converter with 25ps Standard Deviation