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TDC-GP1 Measure Range 1

The GP1 offers 2 measuring channels with 250 ps resolution each and a basic measurement range of 15 bit.

General Circuit Features

Measurement range 1

  • Both channels are absolutely identical with regard to resolution.
  • Both channels have a common start input and measure up to four independent stops.
  • The channels can optionally be queued behind one another, resulting in 1 channel with 8-fold multihit capability.

The measuring unit is started with a signal at the START input and stopped as soon as the last hit is registered. The number of hits per channel to wait for is set in the configuration registers. Maximum 4 hits per channel are possible. The various stops pulses can not only be calculated against the start pulse, but also against each other. All time difference combinations between the 8 possible results can be calculated. If you compare events which arrive on different channels it is possible to measure time intervals down to zero.

When comparing the events that arrive on one channel, the double pulse resolution of the specific channel limits the precision. The double pulse resolution is in the range of 15 ns typ. I.e. if two stops arrive on the same channel within less than 15 ns the second stop will be ignored since it arrived during the recovery time of the measurement unit.


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