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TDC-GP1: The Universal Time-to-Digital Converter

TDC-GP1 acam's Universal Time to Digital Converter

2 channels with 250ps resolution

The TDC-GP1 is not recommended for new design.

General Features

  • 2 measuring channels with a resolution of typ. 250ps
  • Optional high resolution mode with one channel and typ. 125 ps resolution
  • 4-fold multi-hit capability per channel, double pulse resolution typ. 15ns, retriggerable
  • 2 measurement ranges ---a: 2 ns -7.6 µs --- b: 60 ns-200 ms
  • The 8 events of the two channels can arbitrarily be measured against one another. Negative times can also be measured.
  • The resolution can be adjusted accurately via software in the 'resolution adjust' mode.
  • Ports to measure capacities, coils or resistors
  • Variable edge sensitivity of the measuring inputs
  • Internal ALU for the calibration of the measurement result. A 24-Bit multiplication unit enables the results to be scaled.
  • Wide range for the reference clock: 500 KHz - 35 MHz
  • Surface mount TQFP44 package.
  • Extremely low power consumption, fully battery operation possible
  • 8-bit processor-interface