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TDC-GP22: General Purpose Time to Digital Converter (TDC)

TDC-GP22 Time to Digital Converter and Ultrasonic Flow Converter

The TDC-GP22 time to digital converter is the perfect solution for consumer and industrial applications requiring low cost, high resolution, and exceptionally low current consumption. Applications like low cost range finders, magnetostrictive sensors, and automatic test equipment are just a sampling of the applications that can take advantage of this technology.

With single shot resolution of 22ps and a 4 ms measurement range, the TDC-GP22 has the resolution and timing range for many applications that require precise measurement, while still being a low cost part.

In Measurement Mode 1, the chip measures up to 4 events (hits) per channel with a minimum of zero nano seconds time difference between the channels. In Measurement Mode 2, the TDC-GP22 chip can measure up to 3 events (hits).

Like all the ams TDCs, the TDC-GP22 offers low current consumption, which makes it perfect for battery-powered applications.