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General Features

  • PC supported system; communication via PCI interface
  • External ATMD-MB motherboard with AM-GPX (8 channels 81 ps resolution, 2 channels with 40 ps, 27 ps, or 10 ps resolution)
  • No additional power supply for the external motherboard. The power supply is provided by the interconnecting cable
  • Comfortable Windows software
  • User specific software can be written in every programming language
  • 2 operating modes (for details see the datasheets)
  •    a: AT-Bus polling mode up to approx. 200k measurings per second (without graphical display)
  •    b: Burst mode, up to approx. 1 Mio. measurings per second (peak, without graphical display)
  • On board measurement cache as FIFO. It can store up to 32 K measurements on average (1 K default)
  • External board with metal housing

It's modular and all-around open architectural system enables the ATMD to serve as an evaluation-kit as well as a complete and efficient measurement instrument.