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TDC-GPX2 LIDAR for Drones

TDC-GPX2 Time-to-Digital Converter Used in DronesApplications like LIDAR used in drone applications require very high performance to acquire the data, process the data and get it to the control system in sufficient time to make decisions for drone control so that the drone can avoid objects which have come into its path. The devices need to be small, light-weight and cost effective to be used in high volume applications. In addition to collision avoidance, there are mapping applications that require laser scanners, which again must have high resolution, fast acquisition, and must be light-weight.

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Ams AG has just launched the new high-end Time to Digital Converter, the TDC-GPX2. This new device offers high resolution, 10ps, high update rate to the outside world (up to 70 mega-samples per second) using the low voltage differential signaling interface (LVDS), and it has very low power consumption in operation. All this performance is available in a small 9mm by 9mm QFN64 package. These features make it ideal for use in drones and it is already finding applications in this market segment today.

The ability to measure short time intervals with high resolution and fast update rate enable LIDAR and laser scanning devices that are fast enough and accurate enough to be used in complex collision avoidance navigational systems found in drones as well as laser terrain mapping applications. The GPX2 enables systems to have more detailed data and very accurate range measurements.

Ams is already a leader in the LIDAR, laser scanner and 3D LIDAR market with the TDC-GPX for high precision ranging applications. The GPX2 provides even higher resolution, better precision and higher update rate that allow customers to develop systems with even higher detail and accuracy.

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