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TDC-GP30 Ultrasonic Flow Converter

TDC-GP30 System On Chip Ultrasonice Flow Converter

System-on-Chip Solution for Ultrasonic Flow Metering

The TDC-GP30 is the next generation in ACAM's development for Ultrasonic Flow Converters. It drastically simplifies the design of ultrasonic heat and water meters and is the necessary step for compact energy-saving ultrasonic water meters. The ultra-low-current capabilities allow the use of standard 2/3 AA or AA lithium batteries at 6-8Hz measuring frequency as needed for water meter. The GP30 is a system-on-chip that allows you to perform all measurement tasks in one IC.

Key Features

  • High performance + ultra-low power 32-Bit CPU with 4k NVRAM and 4k ROM
  • Up to 31 multi-hits for flow measurement yield the highest accuracy
  • Advanced high-precision analog part
  • Transducers can be connected directly to GP30, no external components required
  • Amplitude measurements of receiving signal for secure bubble, aging and empty spool piece detection
  • Up to 31 multi-hits for flow measurement yield the highest accuracy
  • High update rates with very low power consumption of for example 6 µA at 8 Hz

Key Benefits

  • Lowest power solution for ultrasonic water meters
  • On-chip firmware allows fastest time-to-market
  • Best measurement performance for leakage detection

TDC-GP30 Product Facts

Analog Frontend Yes
First Wave Detection Yes
Amplitude Measurement Yes
Number of Hits 31
Resolution [ps] 11
Operating Supply Range 2.5 to 3.6
Interface SPI, UART, Pulse
CPU 32-bit
Memory 4k NVRAM, 4k ROM
Ambient Temperature Range [°C] -40°C to +125°C
Package QFN32, QFN40

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