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AS3922 Active Load Modulation

BoostedNFC Analog Front end for Embedded Payment and Ticketing

The AS3922 is an analog front end with boostedNFC. Designed to sit in front of any dual interface Secure Element. Allowing payment functionality in ultra-small form factors such as SIM and µSD.

Diagram of the AS3921 BoostedNFC Analog Front End

Key Features

  • BoostedNFC (Active Load Modulation)
  • Automatic Antenna Tuning
  • Automatic Power Adjustment
  • ACLB, DCLB and NFC Wi interfaces
  • Built in EEPROM

Key Benefits

  • Payment functionality in ultra-small form factors
  • Tunes for different environments
  • Works with lower power readers
  • Connects with any dual interface SE
  • Programmability for different phone models

AS3922 Applications

Applications include HF RFID mobile phone bridging technologies such as microSD, SIM cards and ultra small dongles. The AS3922 is perfect for harsh environments where space is at a premium.

AS3922 Product Facts

Protocols supported [ ] ISO 14443A/B, FeliCa
Frequency [ MHz] 13.56
Antenna management [ ] AAT APC
Supply [ V] 2.7 to 3.6
Sensitivity [mVpp] 50
Bitrate [ kbps] 106
Temperature range [°C] -25 to +85
Package Die