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AS3930 Active Load Modulation

BoostedNFC Analog Front End for Mobile Payment and Ticketing

The ams AS39230 boostedNFC IC employs Active Load Modulation to drastically improve NFC performance in challenging environments such as mobile and wearables. By replacing the Analog Front End of existing NFC controllers, AS39230 allows for flexible and low cost design by operating with antenna sizes 20 times smaller than competing solution, or even with metal casing as resonant antenna. Our unique implementation of Active Load Modulation brings NFC user experience to a whole new level, while reducing footprint with no compromise in compliance and interoperability.

Diagram of the AS3920 BoostedNFC with Active Load Modulation

Key Features

  • ISO14443 type A/B and FeliCa up to 424kb/s
  • Active peer to peer bit rates 212kb/s, 424kb/s according to ISO18092
  • Digital interface to standard NFC controller or connectivity combo IC
  • Automatic output power adjustment

Key Benefits

  • EMVCo and ISO compliance with antennas down to 100mm2 or less
  • Considerable reduction in antenna cost, virtually to 0 when metal casing is used
  • Best-in-class interoperability over reader infrastructure variances
  • NFC Controller agnostic

AS39230 Applications

  • NFC Payment, Ticketing and Access Control on Mobile and Wearables
  • Peer to Peer Communication on Mobile and Wearables

AS39230 Product Facts

Protocols supported [ ] ISO 14443A/B, FeliCa
Frequency [ MHz] 13.56
Antenna management [ ] AAT APC
Supply [ V] 2.7 to 3.6
Sensitivity [mVpp] 50
Bitrate [ kbps] 106
Temperature range [°C] -25 to +85
Package Die