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AS3910 NFC/HF Reader

High Performance HF Reader IC

The AS3910 is a high performance HF Reader IC ideal for challenging applications. Unique features include Antenna Auto Tuning, 700mW of output power.

Diagram of the AS3910 RFID Reader

Key Features

  • Up to 700mW of output power
  • Antenna Auto Tuning
  • Automatic modulation depth adjustment
  • Transparent mode to implement custom protocol

Key Features

  • No external Booster circuit required, less BOM
  • Automatically retunes the field to adjust for metal environment and increase read range
  • Interoperability with ISO14443B
  • Allows to implement proprietary protocols

AS3910 Applications

The AS3910 is used for proximity applications where the antenna is directly driven. The IC is optimized for battery powered or portable applications.

AS3910 Product Facts

Protocols supported / Standard [ ] ISO 14443A/B
ISO 15693 (transparent mode)
NFCIP-1 (106 kbps)
Frequency [ MHz] 13.56
Antenna management [ ]
Wakeup [ ]
Closed loop modulation depth adjustment
Max. output power [mW] 700
Datarate [kbps] up to 848
Supply voltage [V] 2.4 - 3.6
Temperature range [°C] -40 to +125
Package QFN-32 (5x5)
ISM Range [MHz]
TX Modulation
Sensitivity [dBm]
Output Power [dBm]
Link Frequencies Supported [kHz]
Coding [V]