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AS3991 UHF Reader IC

EPC Class1 Gen 2 Compatible Reader IC

The AS3990/91 UHF reader chip is the 1st Generation integrated analog front-end and data framing system for a 900MHz RFID reader system. Built-in programming options make it suitable for a wide range of applications in UHF RFID systems. Designed to simplify the design and implementation of an EPC Class1 Gen2 reader, this IC requires only a standard 8-Bit microcontroller with minimal other components.

Block diagram of the AS3991 UHF RFID Reader

Key Features

  • Integrated Gen 2 protocol engine
  • ISO 18000 6c & b
  • Internal PA to 20dBm
  • Low noise VCO @ -121 dBm/Hz
  • Supply Voltage 5V w Current of 80mA

Key Benefits

  • Simplified design with shorter design cycle
  • Smaller form factor
  • Substantial cost savings over discrete solutions
  • Longer battery life

AS3991 Applications

  • Barcode Label Printers
  • Add-on Module for Handheld Computers, PDA
  • Point of Sales
  • Currency Reader
  • UHF RFID Reader Systems
  • Handheld UHF RFID Readers
  • Toll Systems
  • Mobile Phones

AS3991 Product Facts

Protocols supported / Standard [ ] EPC Class 1 - Gen 2,
ISO 18000 6c/b
Frequency [ MHz]
Antenna management [ ]
Wakeup [ ]
Closed loop modulation depth adjustment
Max. output power [mW]
Datarate [kbps]
Supply voltage [V]
Temperature range [°C] -40 to +85
Package QFN-64
ISM Range [MHz] 840-960
TX Modulation ASK-DSB,
Sensitivity [dBm] -66
Output Power [dBm] 20
Link Frequencies Supported [kHz] 40 - 640
Coding [V] FM0, M2-8