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AS3953 NFC Interface Tag

NFC to SPI Interface Chip

The AS3953 NFiC™ enables all applications to interact with an NFC mobile phone in an instant. It is a fast NFC to SPI interface capable of harvesting field energy up to 5mA.

Diagram of the AS3953 NFC Interface Tag

Key Features

  • Direct NFC to SPI interface (up to type 4)
  • 5mA Energy harvest
  • 106 to 848kbps data transfer rate
  • Built in 1kbit high endurance EEPROM (>1Mu write cycles)

Key Benefits

  • Most cost efficient & easiest way to implement NFC
  • Power positive, longer battery lifetime, allows battery less designs
  • Fast data transfer for firmware upgrades or data intense applications
  • Longest lifetime of EEPROM even in challenging environment

AS3953 Applications

  • Passive Wake-up
  • Multipurpose HF Interface to a Controller
  • Low Power or Passive Programming
  • Ultra Low Power Data Logger
  • RFID Programmable Configuration EEPROM
  • ISO 14443A Smart Card
  • NFC Forum Tag Type 4
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Pairing

AS3953 Product Facts

Frequency [ MHz] 13.56
Protocol [ ] ISO 14443A up to level 4
NFCIP-1 target at 106kbps
NFC forum tag 4 type emolution
Supply voltage [V] RF field or ext. 1.65 to 3.6
Temperature range [°C] -40 to +85
Interface ISO14443A
4-wire SPI (slave) up to 5MHz
EEPROM [kbits] 1
Features [ ] Wake-up interrupt, energy harvest 5mA
Datarate [kbps] up to 848
Package [] Die, MLPD-10, WL-CSP