Jiakang Ultrasonic Humidifier Components

Jiakang Ultrasonic Humidifier ComponentsThe industrial atomization components generate high-frequency vibrations hundreds of millions of times per second based on the electronic circuit’s excitation signal. On the one hand, a capillary gravity wave forms on the liquid’s surface, and droplets emerge from the standing wave. In the presence of an ultrasonic field, small bubbles inside the liquid vibrate, aggregate, and collapse, whilst micro-jets discharge ultrafine liquid particles at an extremely high speed, the size of which is only a few microns.

The industrial atomization component has numerous advantages, including tiny mist particles, high integration, small size, high energy conversion efficiency, a big volume of fog produced per unit of time, and low noise. Furthermore, because to its low water quality requirements, it may cause dustfall and humidification in the workshop and office. It can also be used to preserve chilled fresh food, grow edible fungi, and atomize interior and outdoor landscapes.

Main Parameters

Model Number UA1S30, UA3S30
Size Customized
Input Voltage DC48V(Regulator)
Input Power 34W(UA1S30)/150W(UA3S30)
Single Head Automization Volume ≥ 1kg/Hr
Service Life ≥3000小时hours