Jiakang Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Transducers

Jiakang Ultrasonic Liquid Flow TransducersThe fundamental component of an ultrasonic flowmeter is an ultrasonic flow transducer that operates in a liquid medium. It can be used to measure liquid flow in a water heating system, as well as a liquid level sensor. Our transducer’s PPS and PEEK engineering plastic construction allows for direct contact with liquid, reducing pressure instability and heat resistance. Our product’s performance is more steady, decreasing external influences on signal transmission and reception. This improves response sensitivity.

Applications and Parameters

  • Flow Metering
  • Water Heating Metering
  • Underwater Level Detection
  • Liquid Concentration Sensing
  • Ultrasonic Leak Detection
  • Clamp-on Ultrasonic Water Metering

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Part Number PSC
Frequency 1MHz, 2MHz, 4MHz
Bandwidth Nominal Frequency 10%-15% (MHz)
Impedance 150~1000
Capacitance 600~2200PF

Customization is available.