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Advantage 1

Extremely low current consumption for your complete bridge sensor system

The ultra-low power PICOSTRAIN measuring principle shows an extremely low overall current consumption of the total system. It is possible to reduce the power consumption by a factor 10 to 20 compared to conventional AD-Converter solutions.

Advantage 2

One solution suits to (nearly) all applications, from low cost up to highest precision

PICOSTRAIN allows to build systems with 1.500 ... 150,000 peak to peak divisions (at 2 mV/V strain) and update rates up to 1 kHz. One and the same chip covers the requirements of many applications, just by variation of your software.

Advantage 3

Reduced overall system costs

PICOSTRAIN reduces or saves the costs of the power supply. Power plugs will be replaced by batteries, batteries will be reduced in size. In many applications a single coin cell battery may last for 10 years under normal operation. The number of external components is far below the usual.

Advantage 4

New products that could not be done up to now

There are new product options mainly due to the low current consumption and low operating voltage. First to mention are solar driven applications. Also 1.55 V silver-oxide batteries are possible although with some restrictions (e.g. re-programming). The measurement quality is impressive even at those low voltages and it might be difficult to find something comparable in the market.

Advantage 5

Improve your Quality and lower your production cost

PICOSTRAIN offers unique possibilities to simplify the production of your bridge sensor and to improve its quality. The bridge offset can be simply adjusted by setting a register, gain drift can be reduced through software correction of Rspan. This method is more precise than with standard solutions. At the same time costly mechanical trimming, wich is still common practice, becomes redundant.