UFM-01 Ultrasonic Flow Sensing Module

AS3935 Franklin Lightning Sensor ICThe UFM-01 is based on ScioSense contactless ultrasonic flow sensor technology, which replaces the rotors and other mechanical components of conventional Hall sensor-based flow sensors.

In contrast, the ultrasonic UFM-01 has an unlimited lifetime when used in accordance with datasheet specifications and has no moving parts. The UFM-01 can measure drinking water flows directly and is appropriate for use with food-grade materials.

The UFM-01 allows for precise regulation of liquid flow and, through an integrated temperature sensor, liquid temperature in the control systems of various goods, including smart taps, boilers, beverage brewing equipment, and more. It is accurate to at least ±5% at flow rates above 60 l/hr.

The sensor electronics, spool piece, standard ½” thread connectors, and a cable connector that supports both single-wire and UART interfaces are all included in the UFM-01, making it a complete unit.

Block Diagram of the UFM-01 Ultrasonic Flow Sensing Module


  • High accuracy: up to 5% accuracy at wide range
  • Wide sensing range: 0 to 2000 I/h
  • Low power: 2mA average current with single 5V power supply
  • Standard interface: UART, 1-wire communication


  • Long-time reliability
  • Cost effective
  • Food grade material


Supply Voltage 4.5 to 5.5 V
IO Voltage -0.30 to 5.5 V (UART_RX, UART_TX, 1-Wire
Human body model: all pins ±4000 V
Maximum water pressure 4.0 MPa
Storage temperature -25 to 100° C
Operating ambient temperature -25 to 85° C


  • Water meters
  • Smart faucets and water taps