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Precision Measurement Technology is a product, design, and technology center as well as an electronic components distributor, providing full product solutions, from tech to customer support. We help you get your manufactured products on the market faster with high-precision measurement technologies.


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We Help our Customers Get From Concepts to Production

PMT specializes in ScioSense as well as Surface Concept products. Our selection of precision measurement technology includes semiconductor electronics, semiconductors used in lidar mapping sensors, and electronic pressure sensors—high-tech solutions for various products, from drones to medical scanners.

On top of being a reliable electronic components distributor, our PMT team is highly technical and trained to aid in project development using evaluation kits and help customers solve an array of technical issues. We provide support throughout the product development process and make sure you get to production as quickly as possible. Find your production solutions today, and give PMT a call!


A Division of PMT, TALOS® is an innovative storm front detection system

that provides situational awareness of approaching storms up to a distance of 25 miles. With solutions for OEM and retail, TALOS® is leading the way to provide alerts for any outdoor activity.

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TDC-GPX2: Time-to-Digital Converter

Powerful, low-cost TDC with the highest measurement performance.


PICOCAP: Capacitance Measurement

Adapts easy to various applications. Ultra low power, high resolution or speed.

PS09 Resistance to Digital Converter

PICOSTRAIN: Strain Gauge Measurement

Strain Gauge Measurement is one of the big challenges for sensor technology.

ENS21x Family of Digital Temperature and Humidity Sensors

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