Low-Power Wake-Up Receivers for Wireless Connectivity

A wakeup receiver is a special low powered / low data rate (up to a few kbps) receiver. It’s main function is to awaken the host system it is connected to.

The receiver’s wakeup signal can be used to activate a microcontroller, transmitter, or a wide range of other devices. The receiver can simply wait for a carrier signal at the proper frequency, or it can be configured to check for a specific signal pattern before giving a wakeup.

Wakeup receivers often use the low frequency band (30kHz~300kHz) for lesser power usage.

ScioSense LF wake up receivers show best-in-class sensitivity, lowest power consumptions and wide frequency range.

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Application Diagram Low Frequency Wake Up Receivers

Wireless Connectivity Products

Device Sensitivity Operating freq.
# Correlation bits
Receiver Inputs
Antenna Tuning
Current μA
AS3930 100 μVRMS 100-150kHz 16 bit 1D No 2.7 μA
AS3932 100 μVRMS 100-150kHz 16 bit 3D No 2.7 μA
AS3933 80 μVRMS 15-150kHz 32 bit 3D Yes 2.7 μA