High Energy Physics Products


Product Solutions From Surface Concept

Our extensive technical training, our PMT team is equipped to assist in the creation of evaluation kits and assist clients in resolving technical problems. We work with the client to support them during the entire development process and expedite the product’s production.

Stand Alone Constant Fraction Discriminator

Constant Fraction Discriminators

Utilizing an electronic signal processing equipment, one can replicate the mathematical procedure of determining a pulse’s maximum by determining the slope’s zero. With broad pulses that have fluctuating signal amplitudes but a steady rising time, it is utilized to produce precise time stamps.


Analog Pulse Amplifiers

Pulse amplifiers in analog for common detecting applications. Output signals are in LVTTL or NIM format. Operation for different pulse forms and amplitudes. Available both inverting and non-inverting, with different gain factors. Standard housings come as NIM modules or independent units.


8 or 16 channel TDC


Measurement of norm pulses in time resolved with picosecond temporal resolution. Time-to-digital converters are fast, small, and easy to use devices with a range of performance characteristics.


Digital Pulse Counters

Norm pulse pulse counting over several channels with various triggering choices.



Norm pulse pulse counting over several channels with various triggering choices. Using an Ethernet interface or an LCD display to operate and configure the device.



Frequency division with or without integrated discriminator.