APC1 Smallest Air Quality Sensor for Air Purification, Ventilation and Home & Building Automation

The APC1 is an all-in-one environmental sensor solution. The sensor is compact and box-shaped and measures particulate matter and aerosols, volatile organic compounds, and temperature and humidity.

APC 1 – Environmental-sensors

Through UART and I2C interfaces, the APC1 provides up to 20 environmental signal parameters. It features temperature compensation algorithms to simplify integration on system level, accelerating time to market at minimal overall BOM costs.

The APC1 is a maintenance-free technology, designed for high volume and reliability.

Environmental Sensor Products


  • Up to 20 Calibrated Signal Outputs (PM1.0, PM2.5, PM10, TV0C, eC02, AQI, temperature and relative humidity)
  • Fully Orchestrated Design – Matchbox Size
  • Particle Detection Down to 0.3µm
  • Superior Accuracy Over Wide Temperature and Humidity Ranges


  • All-in-One Air Quality Module with Easy Integration
  • Self-Compensated, Best Temperature and Humidity Accuracy in the Market
  • Compliant With International Standards
  • Smallest Form Factor